Donor Spotlight

Larry Shelley and Julie Jensen

Larry Shelley (Carleton ‘79) and Julie Jensen (CLA ’79) met in the Twin Cities while playing volleyball. To this day, their shared love of the sport has continued to be a significant part of their life. Larry and Julie have been avid Gopher Volleyball supporters for over 20 years and it continues to be one of their favorite pastimes. Season ticket holders since the early 2000’s, after their now-adult son finished playing hockey, they have multiple seats throughout the Pavilion that they share with friends and family. They also enjoy traveling to away matches.

Recently, at the Alumni Night Volleyball Match, Gopher Athletics celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Gopher Women’s Varsity Sports and Title IX. During the evening, Larry and Julie were reminded of the volleyball players who have inspired and delighted them over the years. As a tribute to the anniversary and to the alumni, Larry and Julie made a Give to the Max Day gift in honor of multiple volleyball players.

“Gopher Volleyball is really special. And, Title IX is the reason why young women have opportunities to play volleyball and other sports. We love the program and the staff. Gopher Volleyball has given us so much joy over the years and we feel really lucky to be able to support the program.”