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Note: More program-specific success content (championships, big wins, etc..) either still or video

In the past five years, 13 different Gopher programs have won conference titles.

While support throughout the department for excellence in all sports sets the foundation for that success, winning (and continuing to win) at this level is only possible due to investors supporting these teams with program-specific contributions. These investments allow coaches to go beyond their team's most basic needs and put funds toward helping their student-athletes and programs grow and sustain championship-caliber performance.

"To remain competitive, in the Big Ten and nationally, we depend on people contributing to our program's enhancement fund. I imagine that's true of every Gopher program. It's these contributions - regardless of size - that help us to do more for our student-athletes. We can provide them with more opportunities and more resources to succeed when people choose to make a program-specific investment. Whether it's an investment in wrestling or any other Gopher sport, your generosity makes a huge difference in the lives of Gopher student-athletes."

Brandon Eggum, Head Wrestling Coach
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