Gopher Score

The Gopher Score Priority Ranking System

The Gopher Score Priority Ranking System is used to assign a ranking to each eligible Gopher Score member for the processes including:

  • Season Ticket Upgrades
  • Postseason Ticket On-sales (including Bowl Games, Football Conference Championship Game, College Football Playoffs and NCAA Tournaments)
  • Priority for single game ticket on-sales
  • Gopher Loyalty Program Selections

The Gopher Score formula balances the importance of philanthropic giving and season ticket loyalty and to Gopher Athletics. Gopher Athletics donors who make an annual gift of $100 or more and/or current season ticket holders for any sport is given a score and rank. The point criteria for Gopher Score is listed below:

  • Current Annual Fund Year Giving to Athletic - 10 points per $100
    (Nov. 1, 2023 - Oct. 31, 2024)
  • Previous Years Giving to Athletics - 3 points per $100
    (All Gifts Prior to Nov. 1, 2023)
  • Consecutive Years of Season Ticket Purchase - 10 points per year and per sport
    (Points are no longer included in score if season tickets are dropped.)
  • Planned Giving to Athletics - 1 point per $1,000
    (examples include - Wills/Trusts, Retirement Assets or Life Insurance)
  • Gopher Athletics Letter Winner - 50 point one-time allocation
  • Lifetime Giving of $5,000-plus to the University of Minnesota Outside of Athletics - One-time 150 Point Allocation
    (i.e. Masonic Children's Hospital/Carlson School/Arboretum)
  • University of Minnesota Alumni (Twin Cities Campus) - One-time 25 Point Allocation

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Current Gopher Score

Expanded Season Ticket Holder Benefits

The opportunity to request & purchase postseason, neutral site, and away game tickets through the University of Minnesota will first be awarded to Gopher season ticket holders of the participating team before Gopher Score Members that do not purchase season tickets.

Examples Include:

  • Football - Away & Postseason (Conference Championship, Bowl and College Football Playoff)
  • Volleyball - NCAA Tournament
  • Soccer - Conference & NCAA Tournament
  • Hockey - Men's and Women's Conference & NCAA Tournaments
  • Basketball - Men's and Women's Conference & NCAA Tournaments
  • Gymnastics - NCAA Championships
  • Wrestling - NCAA Championships
  • Softball - NCAA Tournament
  • Baseball - NCAA Tournament

Tickets will first be awarded to season ticket holders of the participating team, resulting in more season ticket holders having access to tickets!

All tickets are subject to availability and access cannot be guaranteed. Seating allocations within the Minnesota ticket allotment will continue to follow the Gopher Score ranking system.