Gopher Loyalty Program

Unlike anything else in college athletics, the Gopher Loyalty Program is an experience-based benefits program that allows active Gopher Athletics season ticket holders and donors to select and participate in unique experiences with the department and their favorite sport programs. This rewards program allows fans to create personally customized benefit packages based on their own unique interests. We want Gopher fans to be able to build lifelong memories with the University of Minnesota based on their own interests and passions.

The Gopher Loyalty Program is available to all current season ticket holders for any sport and/or active Gopher Athletics donors who make an annual gift of $100 or more. If you support the Gophers, you have access to unique benefits as a member of the Gopher Loyalty Program.

"Each fan is unique. They have different reasons why they're a part of Gopher Athletics. We recognize that fans have different needs and wants. That's what's so great about this program – every fan can customize it to include what they want. It's a program made for our fans, dedicated to our fans, and committed to improving their experience with Gopher Athletics."

Mark Coyle, Director of Athletics


Engagement Opportunities with Coaches & Student-Athletes

Minnesota is home to some of the most successful coaches and student-athletes in the nation. Enjoy exclusive, behind-the-scenes engagement opportunities to get to know the members of our outstanding sport programs.

Family Fun Events

Our Gopher Athletics family wants to host your family! Join us for family friendly events like "Skate with the Gophers" or "Photos with Goldy". Make it a tradition to share your passion for the Gophers and make new memories with your entire family each year.

Exclusive Discounts

Support the Gophers and save money! As a loyal Gopher fan, you will have access to exclusive discounts throughout the year. Take advantage of a variety of specialty offers only available through the Gopher Loyalty Program.

What makes the Gopher Loyalty Program different?

Customized to You

Previously, Golden Gopher Fund supporters received a pre-assigned set of benefits. We realized this one-size-fits-all approach was not meeting the needs of our supporters. Now, through the Gopher Loyalty Program, every active supporter of Gopher Athletics with a Gopher Score is able to build their own benefits package based on their individual interests and passions.

Inclusive to All

Our old benefit programs only included Golden Gopher Fund donors. The Gopher Loyalty Program is much more open and inclusive to the greater community of Gopher Athletics supporters. Current season ticket holders for any sport and/or active Gopher Athletics donors who make an annual gift of $100 or more can participate in the Gopher Loyalty Program.

Unique to Minnesota

No other college athletics department rewards its fans like the Gopher Loyalty Program. While everyone else continues to do more of the same, we have given fans more choices than any other school in the country.

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