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Football Parking

Season Parking

All Football season ticket holders have the opportunity to purchase season long parking passes for games at Huntington Bank Stadium.

Football Parking Tailgate Lots require a minimum annual donation to the University of Minnesota Athletic Department to qualify for the permit. Annual donation requirements must be met prior to May 1st of the current year, and includes both Scholarship Seating and other philanthropic gifts.

If you do not purchase a season parking pass, you will need to use single game parking. Tailgating is available in St. Paul at Fairgrounds Lot S108 and a free fan shuttle can take you to the stadium. Parking is also available in the Church Street Garage, East River Road Garage and Lot C79 on the East Bank campus (no tailgating at these locations).

To pick up your football season parking pass from will call on game day or if you forgot your game day parking pass, go to the north side of 3M Arena at Mariucci at the 5th St. loading dock. Short-team parking for pick up of season parking pass/forgotten passes will be provided on the street connection between 5th and Oak Street.

  Parking Map
RV Tailgating spots are available in the Victory Lot. For more information on RV Parking please contact Fan Relations at 612-624-8080
Gopher Lot ($25,000) RV Lot - Overnight($3,500) Zone 1 ($2,500) Zone 2 ($1,000) Zone 3 Zone 4
Gopher Lot Victory Lot Maroon Lot Ski-U-Mah Lot 4th Steet Ramp Lot 94
    Gold Lot Lot 37 Oak Steet Ramp Lot 86
    Lot 33 University Ave. Ramp Washington Ave. Ramp Lot S108
    Minnesota Lot Lot C55    
    Gateway Lot Lot C58    
      Lot C59    
      Victory Lot    

Men's Basketball & Men's Hockey Parking

Single Game Parking

Single game parking is available day of game only and can be purchased at each designated parking area.

The recommended single game parking areas are Lot 37, 4th Street Parking Ramp and the University Avenue Parking Ramp.

Single Game Parking Information
Surface Lots Parking Garages
Ski-U-Mah Lot 4th Street Ramp
Lot 37 Church Street Garage
Gold Lot Washington Ave. Ramp
  Oak Street Ramp
  University Ave. Ramp

Season Parking

Season parking passes are available to season ticket holders during the upgrade process in June.

Season Parking Passes for Men's Basketball and Men's Hockey require a $200 annual commitment per pass.

Season Parking Information
Season Parking ($200)
Lot 33
Lot 37
Lot 58
  Parking Map