Volleyball Performance Center

Deep and Rich Tradition

Minnesota has a deep, rich tradition of volleyball excellence that spans across the entire state.

Minnesota is home to some of the best youth clubs in the nation. The state produces world-class talent that competes at the highest levels - collegiate, professional and international. That success comes from passion. Minnesotans love volleyball. Volleyball is an important part of the state's sports culture and it's an important part of the athletics department at our state's flagship academic institution.

Now is the time for leadership investment in the future of this incredible program.

Invest Now

Gopher Volleyball is the pinnacle jewel of Minnesota's volleyball community. Big Ten triumphs and national success are the program's pedigree. Now is the time to invest in that pedigree, to sustain and build on that success. Now is the time to equip our volleyball program with a competitive edge it’s never before had - a volleyball performance center where the best in the world will train, compete, and win while proudly wearing Maroon and Gold. The volleyball performance center will not only forever enhance our recruiting and development efforts. It will create an entirely new student-athlete experience, one that is more efficient and effective than any before, creating more time for academics, career development, team bonding and rest.

We have the best volleyball coach in the world. We have a rabid fanbase that packs a historic competition venue. We have a proven recruiting base. Now is the time to add a modern development facility to prepare our young women for excellence in all facets of their lives, to seize this moment and build generational greatness.

"I know my experience as a Gopher has set me up for success well beyond college. I have not only learned lessons on the court, and in the classroom, but in life as well. I'm learning every day. There is no better feeling than knowing that I'm in an environment that allows me to work towards becoming the best version of myself, day in and day out. It's humbling to know there are so many people invested in every aspect of my development, whether working with me directly or behind the scenes. I know that I'm receiving the best of the best by being here at the U and I am truly grateful for that. Deciding to be a Golden Gopher has been an opportunity of a lifetime."

Stephanie Samedy, Volleyball

"Our goal, and some might say our responsibility, here at Gopher volleyball is to help our student-athletes become the best they can be - on and off the court. The resources provided by Athletes Village go a long way in supporting our student-athletes' progress off the court, but we believe that the volleyball performance center is a critical part of our student-athletes' on-court development. We are competing at the highest levels of collegiate volleyball where the margins between winning and losing are incredibly small. Having a facility in Maturi Pavilion specifically geared towards our student-athletes' performance would give us a unique and significant competitive advantage."

Hugh McCutcheon, Head Volleyball Coach

By the Numbers


NCAA Volleyball Final Four Appearances since 2000

NCAA Regional Semifinals Appearances since 2000



NCAA Regional Finals Appearances since 2000

NCAA Tournament Appearances



B1G Titles

AVCA National Player of the Year



AVCA All-America or All-America honorable mention awards

First Team All-Americans under McCutcheon



Big Ten Players of the Year, including three under McCutcheon


In 2018, Coach McCutcheon was inducted into the International Volleyball Hall of Fame